What We Believe

In the name of Jesus Christ, Saint Paul Lutheran Church is committed to praising, praying & sharing the word of God.

Our Mission

Our mission statement tells a lot about us. We believe first and foremost that Christ Jesus has called us together for a purpose, and that as His saved people our number one priority is giving glory and honor to the Father for sending us His Son. And so by the power of the Holy Spirit we gather weekly for praise and worship.

Our worship is based on the historic liturgy which has been passed down through the church for hundreds of years. But our worship is not stagnant. We are a people set on fire by the Holy Spirit so that each week we have a variety of hymns and songs, all centered on the Word of God which is read and preached in a dynamic but faithful format. Our worship is also filled with prayer which is an extension of our daily desire to pray for one another, the world, and our sinful selves.